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Welcome to the ZONE

2009-11-10 17:28:47 by AllPoints4Bloody

I Draw and Im currently going to High School. I love dark and very moody art along with happy art thats out of the ordinary not like a bunch of scribbles and call it art. I feel that Newgrounds is the place to go for Art, Games, and even the best movies around. I play Xbox 360 and love games too, but same with art, I love something different and strange like my favorite artist on here JessePants. Strange name but SWEET ART. Games are art in there own playable form but a lot of games today are action and easy. While good puzzle games are RARE and now are also push overs. I've tried programing my own flash games but didn't go good. So this the end of this year im getting a graphics tablet to make and put my own art on here and Hopefully that yes im average at drawing, but I put stories into my art each one tells a tale of there own and I also plan to get Corels Painter to make me bring mood into my art.


I am also learning animation and hope become an animator for games or for movies like pixar.
I use a open source animation software called Blender which is hard to get learning about but I am still learning and hopefully get time to read my blender tutrial books but look out for those on my Youtube Account BloodyAnimator where me and my best friend share this profile and make machinima plz check it out for there not popular at all but good.

Welcome to the ZONE


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2009-11-11 09:42:06

I can tell you're the type of person that is going to go somewhere quite far in the arts (or I'm just talking from my ass).

Blender is quite a slut. I tried it a few times, but found it way too complicated. Plus, I didn't have the patience.

AllPoints4Bloody responds:

Thanks you very much buddy